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Hi Ian, in the hope that you can read this -
in which case thank you Peter & Susie!
I'm sorry that I have been lazy and not updated
this website for a few years

Despite that, I think you'll find the pictures I have put up of interest.
I'm sure that you will recognise many of the black & white pictures anyway.
There is a link further down this page to the pictures, but to make it easier
here is a direct link to : the page

Stefan attended University College London from September 2007, and having achieved an upper second-class honours,
an�MEng in Biochemical Engineering which was awarded in August 2011, he was accepted for a Ph.D in Biochemical Engineering, also at U.C.L., which he started in September 2011.
There are more details on his website http://www.stefanwoodhouse.co.uk/
He successfully completed his doctorate in 2015 and the actual award of his PhD was on 28th February 2016.

In December 2015 he joined Sartorius Stedim as an FMT Application Specialist with a contract of employment commencing 15th February 2016

His interests include badminton, music, computing (including much time on Facebook, etc.!), playing on his PS2/3, playing classical guitar, and going to gigs in London.

Holiday pictures, etc.:

India, from March 28th until April 7th 2004. You can click on this link for some pictures of the trip.

In September 2004 Stef had an exchange student staying for 10 days from a school Stockport Grammar has a long-standing arrangement with in Bad Segeberg, N.Germany. The two of them got on really well, and now Stef is looking forward to the return visit. He will be going over there to stay with Leslie in March '05. There are a few pictures here. I have also put in a couple of pictures snapped in Spain when we went there for a week in August. There are also a few pictures to show that we had a white Christmas that year!

December 2004, when the family got together here. There are some pictures of Norley Church and surroundings for those who have not seen it in daylight, and a few family pictures taken at the time.

Here are some pictures from New Year in Berlin. Shame it wasn't cold and crisp as we had hoped for. Rather, it was mild with occasional drizzle, more like Mancunian weather! See the pictures here.

I have just started to - rather belatedly - compile some before and after pictures of the house. Some of the changes are quite dramatic. I took the original black & white pictures in June 1977 just before I moved in, which I am now pleased I did because after all the time and work put in, I would have quite forgotten just what the place looked like!
n.b. I have now started including stage pictures taken during the various projects.

Summer 2005 our trip to Portugal from 23rd to 30th June 2005.

Our visit to see friends in Bavaria, August 2005.

The last project on our house (Winter 2005-6): glazing in the roofed-over part of the back terrace. Having completed the glazing and put furniture into the room, we discovered that it was just too cold in winter temperatures to rely on a blower heater or a radiant one on the wall. So we decided that it was worth while going the whole hog: rip up the concrete slabs, build in insulation, electric heating mat, then ceramic tiles - since the level is raised by the insulation boards too much to put the concrete slabs back.

A project for March 2006: Improvements long overdue at our rental property. New central heating boiler - a condensing combi - and a complete remake of the bathroom. Putting in a combi boiler meant that the hot & cold storage tanks could go, so releasing the space of the airing cupboard which I have incorporated in the bathroom. Having completed the work, I put it up for letting on its own site.

Italy, summer 2006 , a week staying just outside Maiori on the Amalfi coast in July.

Family visit to N. Germany in August 2006. A ride on the Maglev train, visit to Meyer Werft, Papenburg, etc.

Japan trip in July 2007. We took Stef's friend Adam with us on this fascinating holiday. It was difficult to select just a few pictures out of the hundreds taken, but these give a taster.

We had a couple of weeks in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil at the end of November 2007 with good friends.

In September 2008 we took advantage of the direct British Airways flight from Manchester to New York , since when the service has unfortunately been withdrawn.

I had been to Hong Kong three times when Mostyn was working there and a visit there was overdue, so in June 2009 we made it. Despite a weather forecast of rain every day, we were lucky enough to only have been caught in one brief shower.

Following the family reunion in North Woodchester, I have assembled a collection of pictures taken of Norley Hall and Norley Church in 2004 & 2005.

Spring 2012: the kitchen installed in Autumn 1997 proved to be of rather inferior make. Door coverings were starting to peel off, hinges failing, and generally starting to show wear.
A style of units we liked were on special offer, so we decided to go for a new look.
We didn't want to replace the granite tops, so had to replace the units under them rather carefully because they were just too heavy to move since they were in three separate pieces stuck together.
We are happy with the new look now, and a succession of pictures shows the process.

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